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This website aims to expose the damage, death and destruction caused by misguided drug policy.

It is now fifty years since the UN came up with the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. It is this Convention which make drugs so extraordinarily profitable for criminals.  Despite highly restrictive drug laws and unparalleled levels of incarceration, drugs remain widely available almost everywhere.

We live in a world of regulation. A wide range of effective regulatory mechanisms have been developed over decades to manage all types of commodities. It is time to ask who really benefits from not using these systems when it comes to certain drugs?

The current prohibitionist system is closely linked to death, disease and misery for millions of the most underprivileged people across the globe. At the same time it generates hundreds of billions of dollars every year for violent gangsters. To many people these consequences have been completely predictable and obvious for many years. To hear them referred to as “unintended” demonstrates the complete lack of forethought of those in charge and the obvious need for better drug laws.


The UN recently held a meeting in Vienna for senior government officials to review global drug control efforts. With the daily slaughter of innocent people in Mexico, the unchecked spread of HIV in former Soviet Union countries and the seemingly acceptable mass incarceration of black people in the USA - we find it unbelievable that topping the agenda was driving under the influence of drugs.


Opportunities like this must not be wasted - they should be used to examine new ways to control drugs properly in our society. Governments can no longer hide behind the Single Convention.


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